Anniversary of electing Nasser a president of Egypt

Anniversary of electing Nasser a president of Egypt

Amr Sabih writes 

Gamal Abdel Nasser, the first Egyptian president elected through a popular referendum on June 23, 1956.

On June 23, 1956, a referendum was held to elect Gamal Abdel Nasser as President of the Republic of Egypt. On the same day, a  referendum was also held on the adoption of the 1956 constitution, the first constitution of the July 23, 1952 revolution. That was the first time in the history of Egypt that the people had a referendum on the constitution; it was first time the people had elected in a general referendum a president of the Republic of Egypt. It was  the first time that women had participated in the referendum and the election. Before the revolution of July 23, 1952, Egyptian women were deprived of the right to vote and the right to run for elections. This revolution granted women all their rights and equality in all areas of life.

In order to save the time for the history nerds who know it all and patients of Nasser's Urticaria , one thing aught to be stated. Major General Mohamed Naguib, was the first president of Egypt to be appointed by the Revolutionary Command Council of July 23, 1952. This was after the abolition of the monarchy, and the declaration of the republic on June 18, 1953. He was appointed and not elected. After his coup against the revolution, the revolutionaries of July 23 dismissed him, just as they appointed him. 

The image was designed by the Nasserist engineer and artist Fathi Abu Zeid.