President Nasser's 1966 Tanzania tours

President Nasser's 1966 Tanzania tours

Reviwed by: Wafaa El-houseiny

Translated by: Zeinab Mohamed 

President Nasser's 1966 Tanzania tours

On Saturday morning, the twenty-fourth of September 24, 1966, President Gamal Abdel Nasser began a tour extending about 2,000 square kilometers, across Tanzanian territory. His first stop on this trip was the island of Zanzibar, accompanied by Mr. Rasheed, Second Vice President Julius Nyerere, and Mr. Abdel Rahman, the Tanzanian Minister of Trade. They were received by Mr. Obaid Kroma, First Vice President Julius Nyerere, and thousands of residents of the island. On the stage, the national anthem was played and the honor guard paraded with military music.

Among the warm reception from people who appreciated the struggle of a revolutionary man, President Nasser arrived at the headquarters of the Shirazi Party to attend the great popular conference held on the occasion of President Nasser’s visit. Mr. Habid Karume, leader of the Shirazi Party, delivered a speech in which he welcomed the great Arab president on behalf of the people of Zanzibar. He then spoke about the extent of friendship, love, and brotherhood that bind the people of the two countries.

President Gamal Abdel Nasser delivered a speech, the content of which was as follows:

"From your brothers, the people of the United Arab Republic, I bring to you greetings and best wishes for you. We in the United Arab Republic followed your struggle for freedom and independence. We were fully confident that you would achieve freedom and achieve independence, and I feel very happy. As I visit you today, I see that you have achieved political independence and social freedom. Brother Vice President Karume spoke about the difficult circumstances in which you were living."

"I would like to tell you that we also in our country were living in difficult circumstances like the circumstances that the Vice President spoke about. We had a British occupation, and 80,000 British soldiers in our country. Thanks to the struggle of the people in Egypt we were able to get rid of the British occupation. We had economic exploitation and feudalism. Thanks to the struggle of the people in Egypt, we were able to eliminate all types of economic exploitation, get rid of feudalism, and achieve political and social freedom. Therefore, we feel the great work you have done to achieve economic and political freedom."

"Our revolution in Egypt is progressive, a revolution for freedom, a revolution against exploitation and feudalism. Therefore we support every progressive movement or revolution. This is because the progressive revolution means human freedom, freedom from exploitation, and tyranny in all its meanings. This is because the progressive revolution means equality among people. This is because the progressive revolution means equal opportunities for all. This is because the progressive revolution means true freedom for all people. Since our revolution took place 14 years ago, we have been in a continuous struggle against colonialism and reactionism."

"I say to brother Vice President Karume not to pay attention to those who speak against you abroad. After 14 years we find the enemies of progressivism and the enemies of freedom speaking about us abroad, but this talk about us or even cooperation with colonialism did not prevent us from progressing and achieving the goals of our revolution."

"Today is the third day of my visit to Tanzania. Since we arrived in Tanzania we have found welcome, brotherhood, and love everywhere. I repeat what I said yesterday that we look at Tanzania on the basis that it is the base of freedom in East Africa."

"Today, when I visited Zanzibar, I saw the crowds of people from the airport to the headquarters. I saw brotherhood and love in your eyes. Let me tell you that our people reciprocate this brotherhood, love, and friendship with you. I thank you and wish you continued progress and prosperity, and I thank Mr. Vice President.

Long live the brotherhood between the United Arab Republic and Tanzania.

Peace be upon you."

The trip continued on its way to the city of Arusha, which is located on the roof of Africa's highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. President Nasser and his accompanying delegation arrived at Lake Tiara, where President Gamal visited the forest, which contains various wild animals, and wandered around it, enjoying the stunning scenery.

The President continued his trip to the city of Mwanza, where he was received at the airport by President Julius Nyerere. The convoy of the two presidents moved to the heart of the city, which was crowded with citizens who began cheering for the two presidents amid popular dances. The two presidents arrived at the guest palace to rest and then began their tour.

In Dar es Salaam, Ambassador Mustafa Al-Issawi, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Tanzania, held a reception at his residence attended by President Gamal Abdel Nasser, President Julius Nyerere, and his wife. The headquarters was crowded with Tanzanian and Arab dignitaries and members of the Arab communities there, and the two presidents were received with warmth and honor.