African Model Union and the African Youth Charter

African Model Union and the African Youth Charter

The preamble to the African Youth Charter states, “The greatest wealth of Africa is its young population, and that through their active and full participation, Africans can overcome the difficulties facing them,” and that “Africa’s continued cultural development focuses on its youth, and therefore requires their active participation.” And enlightened”, as stated in Article 11 of the Charter – related to youth participation – that states work to promote the active participation of young people in society by giving priority to youth-specific policies and programs.

Accordingly, the objectives of the African Union model are based on the principles and provisions of the African Youth Charter, and this is evident from what the articles of the Charter referred to and what the model seeks to achieve, as follows:-

  1. The model works to enhance the political participation of young people and to involve them in the decision-making process, which is what the charter referred to in many of its articles, for example:

What was stated in Article (11) regarding youth participation, that every young person has the right to participate in all areas of society’s activities. The charter also stressed the need for states to pay attention to promoting the active participation of young people in society through their participation in parliament and other decision-making bodies at national and regional levels of governance. She also pointed out the need to develop policies and programs for voluntary work for youth as a form of youth participation and as a means of training.

As stated in Article (12), which emphasizes the existence of a national youth policy, it is important to hold wide consultations with young people to ensure their participation in decision-making at all levels of governance, in addition to integrating young people’s perspectives in all planning and decision-making processes.

  1. The African Union model aims to support African unity through the interdependence of young people and support their capabilities and development in order to achieve the supreme goal of the continent on their hands. The African Youth Charter has supported the principle of African unity in many articles such as:

 Article (13) related to education and skills development, referred to the need to work on preparing young people for responsible lives in free societies that promote peace, enhance values ​​and develop African and national identity.

Article (20) on youth and culture also referred to the need to work with youth organizations and other institutions to increase youth awareness of the authentic African culture.

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