By:  Wilton Karr

President Abdul Nasser Hussein was born January 15, 1918 - died September 28, 1970. He was an Egyptian military officer and politician who served as the second President of Egypt from 1956 until his death in 1970. President Nasser's tenure as Egypt's leader heralded a new period of modernisation and socialist reform in Egypt along with a staunch advocacy of pan- Arab nationalism (including a short- lived union with Syria), and developing world solidarity. President Nasser's popularity in Egypt and the Arab world's skyrocketed after his nationalism of the Suez Canal Company and his political victory in the subsequent Suez crisis, known in Egypt as the "Tripartite Aggression".

The Redeemer Nasser's made Egypt fully independent of the British influence and the country became a major power in developing world under his leadership. Nasser economic policies and land reforms improved the quality of life for many Egyptians and women were granted many right during his tenure. One of Nasser's main domestic efforts was to establish social justice, which he deemed a prerequisite to liberal democracy. During his presidency ordinary citizens enjoyed unprecedented access to housing, education, jobs, health services and nourishment, as well as other forms of social welfare, while feudalistic influence waned. President Nasser remains as an iconic figure in the Arab world, particularly for his strides towards social justice and the Arab- unity, his modernisation policies, and his anti- imperialist efforts. His presidency also encouraged and coincided with an Egyptian cultural boom, the Aswan Dam, and Helwan city.

The Redeemer Nasser played the instrumental role in overthrowing the monarchy in Egypt, he sent help to Algerian Arabs in their fight against French for Independence. Nasser's statist system of government was continued in Egypt and emulated virtually by all Arab republics. President Muammar Gaddafi, who overthrow the Libyan monarchy in 1969, considered Nasser as his hero and sought to succeed him as a leader of the Arabs. President Nasser was awarded for his exceptional contribution in the struggle against colonialism and for a better and peaceful Africa and world.