By: Steve W. Collins

Gamal Abdul Nasser, was born on the 15th of January 1918 – died 28th of September 1970. Abdul Nasser led the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 and made far-reaching land reforms the following year. The Gamal we know struggled against the domination of the Superpowers called non-alignment. President Abdul Nasser was willing to back Palestine in its fight against Jews who attempted to take control over Palestine and  in revenge, they described him to his people as discriminating person. However, he continued supporting Palestine in the fight against the Jews. The truth and sincere histories are acknowledging that. The only reason they promoted that lies in their devilish articles about Gamal, was because his noble African position for what he and his people believed in.

They influenced many Africans to believe that President Nassar was a religious extremist, because he used to believe that the Muslim faith is the best and only religion to be accepted worldwide. All I can  say that this was a paid propaganda led by the other parties of the struggle. President Abdul Nasser’s only demand, was religious freedom and respect for every person’s religious belief. Be it Buddhist, Christian, Muslims and be a free thinker. Sadly, they left false history to make Africans hate their true hero in Gamal Abdul Nasser.

When Abdul Naaser assumed power, he immediately signed the agreement which put an end to foreign influence in the region of the Suez Canal, which led to the withdrawal of all the British uniformed military personnel from the region that also led to the liberalization of Egypt from the foreign influence. In the same vein, he forced the Americans and British to pay a sum of $40 million to Egypt as compensation for the damages that the Egyptians had suffered. This is the Gamal WE Know.

The Gamal We Know, he used his influence to construct the Aswan High Dam, which was used to generate revenues from Developed Countries and the World Bank side. The High Dam was one of the major boosters of the Egypt’s economy, this is the Gamal We know. The West told us that he was one of the key players in the war in Yemen, the revolution in Algeria, Iraq and Syria. All their statements are all comical and ironical, how can a man who believes in full respect and freedom for all, ever think of igniting a war. The role of the Gamal We Know, was always defined and clear to all, these were just false propaganda against his person which were only held because he was always present to fight against the non-alignment practices over developing mineral rich countries and Africans countries as well.


The Gamal We Know was the man of the people, always doing for the people and always with the people. Our Gamal We Know, was a true hero, who always fought against injustices, discrimination, trafficking, gender inequalities, and human rights abuses.