Dr. Noha Bakr

Dr. Noha Bakr

Academic qualifications:

- PhD in International Relations and International Organizations, Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University.

- Diploma in War Studies, Cornell University, United States of America.

International Awards:

- Distinguished Alumni Award from the US Defense University in Washington in 2009.

- Distinguished Alumni Award from the American University in Cairo in 2015.

- Several awards from civil society organizations and some security colleges as a lecturer in security affairs and sustainable development issues.

Activities closely related to academic work:

Delivering lectures in various international and regional forums, publishing in the field of specialization, and working as a consultant for governmental organizations such as the African Union and the United Nations Development Program. Attending many conferences, workshops and research centers at the international, regional and national levels.  

She is a member of:

1. The National Council for Human Rights (term ends in 2026) 
2. The Citizenship and Human Rights Committee of the Supreme Council for Culture (term ends in 2024)
3. The Advisory Council of the Egyptian Center for Strategic Studies 
4. The Advisory Board of the Kymiti Batrus Ghali Foundation
5. The Advisory Council of the Arab Network for Tolerance
6. The Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs 
7. Former member of the Political Science Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture (2018-2020)
8. Former member of the Technical Committee of the Tana Forum for African Security (2016-2020)

- Worked as Assistant Minister of International Cooperation: Supervised the Economic Cooperation Sector with Canada and the Americas 2010-2015.

- Previously she worked as Executive Director of the Cement Division of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, and currently works as Head of Communications and Public Relations at Lafarge Egypt, a subsidiary of LafargeHolcim Global. She has received many awards from cement industry conferences as a speaker on the challenges and opportunities of the industry, such as: Intercem, Cemtech, Colatronz and Building Materials.

- Dr Noha has also Worked on women's issues in building peace and security through her relevant publications, conferences related to relevant Security Council resolutions, giving lectures in this regard, and as a consultant to the African Union in studies supporting women in the economic, social and political spheres.  
- she has published and refereed academic publications in the fields of security and human rights