Ahmed Mukhtar.. Nasser International Leadership Batch II Graduate

Ahmed Mukhtar.. Nasser International Leadership Batch II Graduate

Qualifications and work experience

Bachelor of Law in Ain Shams.

Masters of Business Administration.

He works in public relations and protocol at Cairo International Airport. He Graduated from the Future Generation Association in 2006 and responsible for its communication committee until 2010.

Member of the Committee on Civil Society and Volunteer Action of the National Youth Council 2010.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Maamaron Society Development Association from 2015 Until the graduation of the presidential programme to qualify executives for leadership Mohammed al-Assar Lieutenant General of the 2020  and president of the social club of the program.
Graduate of Nasser Military Academy in all 2021 courses.
A graduate of Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership Batch, 2nd class:
Trainer, referee, debate, public policy and civil society consultant at the British Cultural Council, with Arab Youth Voice, Mediterranean Youth Voice, Effective Citizens, Social Integration programs, and People with Disabilities.

He is a consultant for public debates and policies at the Council of Ministers' Support and Decision Making at the Cabinet.
Instructor at the National Training Academy in many of its management, leadership, communication and self-skills development programs, as well as social gender programs in partnership with UN Women.

Trained in many local and regional companies and institutions to develop self and social skills in the framework of peacebuilding, non-violence, non-violent communication, difference, negotiation, conflict management and gender issues.