Victory Day

Victory Day

Reviewed by: Wafaa El-houseiny

Translated by: Abdulrhman Abdulnaeem Omar

Victory Day

by Dr. Ali Al-Hafnawi

December 23, Victory Day, which we no longer celebrate. The Day of the valiant city of Port Said, which has been resisting tripartite aggression from England, France, and Israel for 66 years. The celebration of Egypt's political victory over the colonization of the nineteenth century. The Day of Egypt's restoration of its sovereignty on its territory and on the Suez Canal... A Day carved into the conscience of generations of Egyptians who stood firm and stood in the face of a brutal occupier who wanted to monopolize our channel, which was dug by the nails of an entire people...

23 December They wanted to erase it from the memory of the nation for its indication of the victory of popular steadfastness, but it remained in the souls, collective awareness, and national memory, despite the removal of its history from the list of national holidays.

Today, the same parties, the World Bank, economic neo-colonialism, and its followers, are trying to attack our most important major national gains, the Suez Canal, to try again to return from the back door to occupy it, the door of opaque investment funds, using the weapons of suspicious and ill-conceived rubber laws...

Did these usurpers imagine that Delebs, Disraeli, and Rothschild had been resurrected from the graves to set up nets and traps again? Did they imagine that the 56th generation had passed and that the people of Egypt had turned into humble people without national values? Did they even suspect that Eugene Black, President of the World Bank in 56, was still alive, given, and forbidden by the instructions of the presidents of colonial states, taking advantage of our economic situation to humiliate us? But...

The sons of this people, the sons of December 23, 1956, and the Egyptian state with its national institutions will stand against this threat and this nonsense and the plot to rob the Suez Canal will not let pass. The patriotism of the head of state and the patriotism of every member of the people will stand as a solid deterrent against harming the Suez Canal... We will celebrate our victory on December 23 to affirm our independence and sovereignty over our channel indisputably.