The United Arab Republic..the 65nd anniversary of the unity of Egypt and Syria

The United Arab Republic..the 65nd anniversary of the unity of Egypt and Syria
On this day, February 22 of 1958, the Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser and Syrian president Shukry Al-Qawatli, signed a charter for unity between Egypt and Syria, which is the largest unity in the history of the Arabs, that began to unite the Arab countries, and the "United Arab Republic" was the result of this unity between the two parties, Egyptian and Syrian, and Cairo was chosen as the republic's capital, and it was decided that the system of governance would be a democratic presidential one, and a popular referendum on this unity was held, in which Gamal Abdel

Nasser was chosen as President of the Republic, and a new constitution was drawn up for it.
In 1960, the parliaments of the two countries were unified in the National Assembly in Cairo, and the regional ministies were abolished in favor of a unified government, and Egypt and Syria agreed to establish a unified military leadership that centered in Damascus, as the Soviet Union began a broad campaign to acquire Middle Eastern countries, and Egypt and Syria accepted the Soviet arms deals.

When the United Arab Republic announced, President Abdel Nasser delivered his famous speech, saying:
"Citizens.. a new hope has dawned on the horizon of this east. A new state is emanating in its heart. A great state has emerged in this east that is neither foreign nor usurping, it is not hostile, a state that protects and does not threaten, preserve, not waste, strengthen not weaken, unites and does not separate, peaceful and does not waste, pulls the friend’s army, confront the enemy, does not partisan and does not fanatic, does not deviate and does not take sides, affirms justice, supports peace, provides prosperity for it, for those around it, for all human beings, as much as it tolerates and endures ” .
But that unity did not last long, and it ended with a military coup in Damascus in September 1961, and Syria remained under the name "Syrian Arab Republic", while Egypt retained the name "United Arab Republic" until 1971, and then called by its current name the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Many people believe that the call for unity came in response to the desires of the Egyptian and Syrian people in time of the pressing international atmosphere, and the events that the Arab world witnessed at that time.
Although this unity did not last, the Egyptian and Syrian peoe still see this anniversary as an occasion to remember a time when they shared together the struggle, pain and hopes.