Yesterday on the 24th day of August 2023, Mr. Mansouza Kingu, 3rd Batch Nasser Youth Leadership Fellowship Alumni, and Policy and Advocacy Lead at Vijana Think Tank, accompanied by Mr. Kelvin Ngimbwa – Business and Innovation Lead and Ms. Careen Mbati – Project officer at Vijana Think Tank, had a great meeting with the Ambassador of Egypt in Tanzania, H.E Sherif Abdelhamid Ismail, and Hon. Secretary, Mr. Ahmed Ameir, of the Embassy of Egypt in Tanzania, discussed on multiple avenues for cooperation fostering positive collaboration in foreign policy and youth development by strategizing on possible synergies that empower young people and create lasting impactful change to both our country’s mutual growth. 

Vijana Think Tank, is Tanzanian youth led, non-partisan organization that envisions a world where all young people have pathways for opportunity and a sustainable future, and thus proactively engaging young people to be on a frontline to find lasting creative solutions to shape Tanzania's development agenda. 

The meeting centered around fostering youth development and internal cooperation, the discussing on various programs that could be implemented for our mutual goals on the areas of youth exchange, establishing the Egyptian – Tanzania Friendship Forum, foster dialogues on foreign policy issues between our two countries to build mutual understanding, we suggest the initiation of the Tanzania – Egypt Business Development and Joint Venture Creation Project, cultural connections initiatives, introduced the Tanzania Young Professionals in Foreign Policy Programme and the Women and Girls in Science Initiative under Vijana Think Tank. 
On the "One Million Books Initiative" we had a chance to invite His Excellency to the launch of an impactful program dedicated to empowering women and girls in the field of sciences. The deliberation also extended to exploring avenues for collaboration between the Embassy of Egypt and the Vijana Think Tank through enlightening fireside chats, aimed at comprehending Egypt's foreign policies and their effective implementation.

 One of the core agendas of the meeting revolved around the intertwining realms of information technology, gender equality, and environmental concerns. Both the Egyptian Embassy and the Vijana Think Tank acknowledged the undeniable influence of technology in shaping modern societies. The parties emphasized the need for joint efforts to bridge the gender gap in technology and to leverage IT for sustainable environmental practices also engaging into the policies that most youth can be favored to be voices of development in the country. This intersection between technology and gender occurs through different programmes initiated by the Huru initiative, together with a Vijana think tank named Malikia Maji, where young women can come up with solutions to solve water challenges in their community. As it is seen that its women are most vulnerable to the scarcity of water by the 2050 projected water stress, the environment forms a pivotal point for collaboration, fostering mutual growth and understanding between Egypt and Tanzania. 
Through these candid and insightful discussions, the Embassy of Egypt and the Vijana Think Tank intend to unravel the complexity of Egypt's foreign policies. This platform not only facilitates an in-depth understanding of Egypt's global stance but also paves the way for trade, educational opportunities and cross-cultural learning. Hence Vijana Think Tank's expertise in various domains aligns seamlessly with the Embassy's goals, fostering rich dialogues that delve into policy implementations, mutual challenges, and strategic collaborations. 

In conclusion, the meeting between the Ambassador of Egypt in Tanzania and the Vijana Think Tank marks a significant position toward strengthening bilateral ties. The engagement encompasses a wide space of pivotal topics, ranging from technology to gender equality and environmental sustainability. By synergizing their expertise, the embassy and VTT are poised to not only address shared challenges but also pave the way for sustainable development and harmonious diplomatic goals that are going to bring an outstanding relationship that will create a jointly sustainable and prosperous path for both countries.