"Tai"The alumni of the Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership selected as a Global Peacemaker

"Tai"The alumni of the Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership selected  as a Global Peacemaker

Women Building Peace Council received nominations of women peacebuilders from over 30 countries. The finalists were selected by USIP’s Women Building Peace Council, an 18-member group of experts and leaders in the fields of gender and peacebuilding, for their exemplary commitment and leadership as peacebuilding practitioners and their key roles in ending and preventing violent conflict. Collectively, they represent eight countries of peacebuilders. 

The violent conflict in her homeland, South Sudan has drastically impacted communities and disproportionately impacted women and girls, a situation that has motivated "Tai" to become an integral part of the solution and dedicate her work to the cause of peace. As a committed leader, peace activist and practitioner, she has relentlessly fought to protect women and girls from sexual- and gender-based violence and advocates for effective policy implementation that includes women’s voices at the local and national levels.

The Peacemaker "Tai" is the co-founder and executive director of the Mother Care Organization and head of gender programs at the Assistance Mission for Africa (AMA).
 She has helped to build the capacity of all AMA staff to integrate gender concerns from a programmatic perspective through training, guidance, and one-on-one support to ensure that AMA’s work treats gender as a cross-cutting issue in all its response activities. Alongside various training and policy work, she leads a working group of 120 women survivors, has successfully advocated for the inclusion of women in traditional courts, and led the Yirol Peace Conference where she created space for women to voice their demands.
She also explained, I feel honored to be a young african woman who made it to the top finalists for this award, i feel that it's a proof that youth belong into spaces where differences are made,and youth contributions are being recognized globally.

She concluded by saying, My advice to young people is never to sit back and wait, young people should do what they should to create positive change within their societies, and never to be afraid to alway sit at any table where decisions policies are being made at the local and national levels.

The “Nasser International Leadership” Fellowship aims to popularize Egypt’s longstanding experience in national institution-building, create a new generation of young transformational leaders -whose vision aligns with the directions of the Egyptian presidency- in various countries, and connect the most influential young leaders through the necessary training, skills enhancement and application of strategic visions, This Fellowship is organized -under the theme “South-South Cooperation” under the auspices of His Excellency President of the Arab Republic of Egypt/ Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and is scheduled last June. Some distinguished youth leaders from Asia, Africa and Latin America are participating in the Nasser Fellowship.