Fartuun Adan…. The Courage Woman

Fartuun Adan…. The Courage Woman

By: Karyman Wael AlQalamawy

“It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.” —Eleanor Roosevelt
Fartuun Adan was born in Somalia and married to Elman Ali Ahmed. At this point, they their journey began together in the joint struggle to educate society, but circumstances stepped in their way as the civil war broke out.

As any mother, Fartuun Adan tried to protect her children from the horrors of the civil war in Somalia, leaving her soul mate and partner. Elman continued his efforts for the stability of the country, raising the illustrious mantra “Drop the Gun and Pick up the Pen.”  Unfortunately, Elman was killed before seeing the dream come true.

Fartuun did not let despair to take over, instead, she continued the dream after him. She returned to the homeland in 2006, devoting her full effort and time to the most important issue for her husband and she, which is restoring the lost peace and security in the dear homeland.

In 2006, immediately after her return to Mogadishu, Fartuun Adan established a non-profit Organization that caries her late husband’s name in honor of his efforts and in recognition of his active role in the cause.  Elman Peace Organization was established to be one of the lighthouses of Somalia for development and community work.

Among the most important efforts of this non-governmental organization is the social empowerment and awareness of women, helping homeless children to live a decent life. In addition, to establish buildings for needy families and free schools to encourage education.

After years of effort and advocacy work, Fartuun has received a number of important awards for her efforts, including the Aurora Humanitarian Award, the Right Livelihood Award, and the International Woman of Courage Award.  Fartuun Adan continues her tireless endeavor with the help of others to bring the Republic of Somalia with all its sectors to the best possible human image comparable to the most advanced countries in the world.

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