Sinai Liberation Day

Sinai Liberation Day

Reviewed by: Wafaa El-houseiny 

Translated by: Nouran Salah Eddin 

Sinai Liberation Day 

The Sinai Peninsula is an Egyptian country that is like a diamond in a crown. It is considered the source of the nation's pride, the foothold of the prophets, the position of the Great Secret, the Mount of Transfiguration, the Holy Tree, and the Sacred Valley.

Egypt celebrates on the 25th of April the 41st anniversary of Sinai liberation. This day is considered one of the fateful days in Egyptian history during the modern age. The modern age has witnessed the culmination of the battle of war and peace starting from the great war of the 6th of October 1973 in which the Egyptian army was able to achieve victory, restore Egypt's military pride, and then start peace negotiations until every inch of Sinai's land restored.

Egypt liberated its territory which was occupied in 1967 by all means of the armed fighting in the war of attrition, then by the glorious war of October in 1973, then by the political and diplomatic action starting from difficult negotiations for the separation of forces in 1974 and 1975, then Camp David Accords leading to Middle East peace framework  "Camp David Agreement" in 1978 which is followed by the signing of Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty in 1979.


Over 41 years after the Sinai liberation, this precious spot was and remains at the center of the nation's attention till it became a symbol of peace and development.

Sinai Liberation Day was not just an Egyptian national holiday, but a national holiday for all the honorable countries.