The Egyptian Police Academy

The Egyptian Police Academy
The Egyptian Police Academy


The Egyptian Police Academy is a high standard, Scientific and security edifice, that has historically the torch bearer of the flag in the security service. It is a national epic and men's factory. The Egyptian Police Academy, which extended in the trilogy of the present and future to water the tree of hope, truth and dignity, shades Egypt's beloved homeland with security and safety. Over the time, the "track record of immortality" was filled with thousands of heroic policemen who carried the message of security and honesty.


The tracker of the history of the police academy finds that it has not ceased to fulfil its mission to prepare and qualify qualified police officers at the highest educational, training and research levels. It is one of the world's oldest police academies and is the first at the regional level to hold leadership and prestige at all levels, national, regional and international.


Many of the world's universities and police academies are endeavoring to sign cooperation protocols with them. They also prepare, qualify and train many security personnel not only at the African, Asian and European levels, but also as the first educational institution in the region to award master's degrees and doctorates in police science.


The Academy is a modern and integrated university that seeks to implement the world's latest education and training systems to prepare and qualify a professional police officer capable of meeting security challenges.


The Police Academy was established in 1975, and its organizational construction, together with its chairmanship, includes five main delegates: the Police Faculty - the Graduate School - the College of Training and Development, as well as the Police Research Centre - the General Department of Security and Guard Dog Training.


The Academy has a scientific council like Egyptian universities, which assists its president in taking scientific and administrative decisions and everything related to the management of its affairs.


Its membership includes a constellation of security leaders, directors of academic entities, as well as a number of scholars and experts represented by the State Council, the Supreme Council of Universities and the dean of one of Egypt's law universities.