Pan African Youth Union (PYU)

Pan African Youth Union (PYU)

The Mother Youth Organization for African Youth, was established in 1962 before the Organization of African Unity under the name of the Pan-African Youth Movement then its name was changed to the African Youth Union in 2005.

Conakry, the capital of Guinea and the founding country, hosted the union’s headquarter until 1980, and then it was recoated to Algeria until 2006, and then to Mozambique until 2011 right before the headquarter was moved to the Capital of Sudan, Khartoum in 2011. The signing ceremony was on Africa Day, May 25th. In November 2021, the transfer document of PYU was signed to be moved to its new headquarters in the Capital of Morocco, Rabat, and it was officially inaugurated on February 21, 2022. 

The PYU’s mission is to promote its basic values ​​and principles of peace, democracy and sustainable development to achieve African integration.

The organization is the main youth organization in the continent and it has a special place in the African Union, and it is often consulted by heads of state, governments, the Executive Council and permanent conferences of the African Union, in terms of issues such as; health, education, youth, immigration and gender issues related to youth.

The organization invites the African youth and the African countries through local youth councils, to support political participation and youth representation at all levels. The organization has several partnerships with youth organizations, institutions and bodies.

The Executive Office consists of 2 representatives for each region, in addition to the President and the Secretary General. Egypt and North Africa were represented by the Young leader, Hassan Ghazaly, the founder of the African Youth Bureau at the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Egypt, and the founder of Nasser fellowship for international leadership. He held the position of Deputy Secretary-General for North Africa Region from 2014 to 2017, and then he  held the position of Vice-President of the African Youth Union from 2017 to 2020.