Pan Africa School

Pan Africa School

PanAfrica School 2063

 It is one of the projects of the African Awareness Program in its fourth edition in the form of an educational camp targeting youth leaders from different governorates of Egypt, actors and African foreign students. The school raises several issues for intellectual discussion among youth circles in the fields of (political sciences / economics / anthropology / history / geography / institutional reform / Peace and Security / African Union Organs / Personal Capacity Building).

The school’s program includes field visits besides workshops and lectures, such as introducing the African Youth Charter and ways to combat corruption within Egypt’s Vision 2030 and the African Union’s vision towards corruption (based on the slogan that the African Union adopts for the year 2018 to combat corruption), at the end of the study, the students develop perceptions on how to activate The aspirations of Africa’s Agenda 2063 and Egypt’s Vision 2030 on the ground in the form of concrete projects

PanAfrica School 2063 relies on the African Youth Charter as a guiding document.

PanAfrica School 2063 goals:

 Preparing youth cadres who believe in the concept of African unity.

 Introducing the African Youth Charter.

Integrating non-Egyptian African youth into Egyptian society.

 Healthy integration of refugees through interactive education.

 Defining and linking Egypt’s Vision 2030 at the national level – Africa’s Agenda 2063 at the continental level – and the 2030 sustainable development goals at the international level with development within the African continent.

 Strengthening cultural, social and historical ties through education among the youth of African countries.

  Definition of the decision-making process in the African Union.

 Drawing a clear strategy aimed at changing the mental image of the African continent among its people.

  Awareness of the role of African continental organizations and institutions.

 Awareness of the African self from the cultural and literary point of view

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