Hassan Ghazaly writes | New Year.. New steps along the way

Hassan Ghazaly writes | New Year.. New steps along the way

By: The Founder 

I experienced both positive and painful things in 2022. I developed both constructive and damaging friendships.

 I started some enduring programs, but my urge to succeed was unsatisfied despite my struggles to enter the public eye and my tempting achievements. Although I received accolades, I am still hoping for national recognition. I created plans, some of which succeeded and others did not.

 Where at the end of one year and on the edge of another. I'm proud, thankful, and glad about the failures before the triumphs, and grateful to every friend and colleague, who provided encouragement, guidance, and support along the way, and was the reason for; development, improvement, and achievement. 

You prompted me to welcome the new year with mixed feelings ( hope, defeat, passion, apathy, excitement, sloth), yet that did not dampen my faith in Tomorrow my faith in God.

A new beginning and perhaps some fanciful aspirations. Another chance and promise for ourselves to have a brighter tomorrow for the weak and a happier world for our kids.

“One for all, all for one”