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Nasser Youth Movement


The glorious 23 July revolution was a starting point for Egypt 's independence from colonialism and state-building, ،which led to a radical and independent change in the determinants of Egyptian foreign policy, as the late leader Gamal Abdel Nasser saw that the liberation of Egypt was the first stage, on the road to liberation of Asia, Africa and Latin America ( Third World Countries), which is the important stage that followed. He worked to support national liberation movements, and their struggle for independence, while building a balanced dialogue based on respect with the countries of the first world. He also supported the construction of the model of a modern national state, which he applied in Egypt, and Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership was launched to transfer it to the youth of the world.

Why Gamal Abdel Nasser?

The movement took the name of the late leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, given that he is one of the most important leaders for the peoples of developing countries (Africa – Asia – Latin America), in addition to being one of the most unique leadership models. Perhaps, that is why the leader deserved the title of "Abu Africa", which is an affirmation of what was recommended by the Agenda of the African Union 2063, in the first aspiration, where it stipulated the importance of expressing our gratitude and appreciation to the founding fathers of the Organization of African Unity.

Abdel Nasser is also an ideal model as well as a political and historical example of the concept of transformational leadership and the global citizen.In his role as a leader, he sought to support African liberation movements in particular and third world movements in general until it gained its independence. Egypt also contributed to a strong mandate in the establishment of influential international organizations which are as follows in a chronological order:

• The Non-Aligned Movement (1955), which played an important role in the maintenance of international peace and security. The Movement aimed to establish a neutral and independent movement of the policies of the major powers - for Member States expressing their vision towards international issues and developmental issues.

• Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization (1957), which since its foundation fought for peace, stood firm against colonialism, apartheid and wars. It also supported the struggle of peoples in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

• Organization of African Unity (1963), which is the first organization to constitute a clear framework for African integration, later known as the African Union Africa Agenda (2063), in its first item entitled "Voices of African Peoples ", expressed deep appreciation to the founding fathers of the Organization of African Unity for their legacy of liberal successes that eliminated slavery, colonialism and apartheid.

• Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which arose following the arson of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in 1969 for cooperation among Islamic countries, is now the second intergovernmental organization in the world after the United Nations in terms of the number of Member States.

Nasser Youth Movement (one of the outputs of Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership):

Nasser Youth Movement is one of the outputs of the "Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership", the first version of which was held in June 2019, and was sponsored by His Excellency Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouly. The fellowship was not only a training program, but was keen to achieve sustainability for the participants after the end of the fellowship period, and an investment in the capacities of its graduates. The graduates launched a completely independent international Nasser Youth Movement. 

Its branches in the African continent continued to work on launching activities for the development of youth and raising their skills in training and qualification, as well as building partnerships and finding ways of cooperation between the countries of the continent with purely youth diplomacy, which resulted in great success that made its reputation common around. In June 2021, after the end of the second version of Nasser Fellowship, under the auspices of His Excellency the Egyptian President Abdelfattah El Sisi, President of the Republic, Nasser movement expanded to spread to countries in Asia and Latin America, leading to its third edition held in June 2022, which involved the youth of the Non-Aligned Movement and friendly countries. So far, the branches of International Nasser Youth Movement reached about 65 countries around the world. 

Nasser Youth Movement Reference 

Nasser Youth Movement - as one of the mechanisms launched by the Arab Republic of Egypt, in accordance with Egypt's 2030 vision, aims at activating the ambitions of the Africa Agenda 2063, and the terms and objectives of the " African Youth Charter" that legal framework to empower youth, and in line with the road map of the African Union to invest in youth, in addition to activating the ten principles of Afro-Asian solidarity "the Bandung Principles" in addition to being one of the mechanisms to activate the partnership strategy for the South, as well as work on the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Thus, Nasser Youth Movement is an inclusive global platform for youth to develop their skills and raise their efficiency and empower youth cadres in order to achieve development and make an active and influential "global citizen."

Nasser Youth Movement Objectives: 

1- Strengthening the historical ties and supporting bilateral relations between Egypt and the rest of the brotherly and friendly countries.

2- Introducing development agendas, regional and international agreements at the grass-roots level (Free Trade Agreement), and the United Nations partnership strategy (South – South). 

3- Networking the most influential young leaders at the global level, with decision makers and experts locally, regionally and internationally.

4- Activating the initiatives launched by the United Nations, the Non-Aligned Movement, the Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organization and the African Union, especially in the items related to youth, women, climate and education, peace and security, governance and entrepreneurship.

5- Forming a youth platform at the global level to maximize the principles of the Non-Aligned Movement and Afro-Asian solidarity 

6- Sharing youth experiences globally to mainstream successful models while taking into account local differences.

The national branches of Nasser Youth Movement, which were launched by believers in the idea:

Nasser Youth Movement is a development model that was launched three years ago, since July 23, 2019, to create a new and renewed network of youth relations characterized by ideals, solidarity, and non-alignment, and it was. Through its coordinators, Nasser Youth Movement has achieved a strong impact in about 65 countries so far across four continents, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Australia, where each of them worked, in the context of its influence, and the potential of its homeland, and in accordance with the requirements of its society, conveying to them the summary of the Egyptian experience in development and building national institutions; they launched many development programs in the field of qualification and empowerment of youth and entrepreneurship to serve their compatriots.

Nasser Youth Movement Geographical division:

A) The African continent, which is divided into 5 regions in which Nasser movement spreads in a number of countries

1- North African region and includes branches of the movement in (Algeria - Morocco – Tunisia - Libya - Mauritania - Sudan) 

2. Eastern Africa Region (Rwanda - Burundi - Uganda - South Sudan - Somalia - Djibouti - Kenya - Ethiopia - Tanzania) 

3. Central African region (Chad- Congo- Cameroon Democratic Republic of the Congo- Gabon - Central Africa - Equatorial Guinea) 

4- West African region (Nigeria - Niger - Côte d 'Ivoire - Burkina Faso - Gambia - Sierra Leone - Ghana - Guinea - Benin - Liberia - Senegal - Togo) 

 5- SADC Region (Malawi - Namibia - South Africa - Zimbabwe - Mozambique - Zambia - Madagascar - Mauritius - Comoros)

b) Asia: where Nasser Youth Movement is located in (Azerbaijan - Uzbekistan - Kazakhstan - Pakistan - Bangladesh - Afghanistan - Indonesia - India - Vietnam - Thailand - Armenia) 

C) As for the countries of the Arab world, the branches of Nasser Youth Movement have so far reached the countries of (Iraq - Palestine - Lebanon - Saudi Arabia - Jordan - Sultanate of Oman - Yemen - Saudi Arabia) 

d) Latin American States, who so far joined the Movement (Brazi- Colombia- l-Ecuador)

One of the most important success stories of Nasser Youth Movement: 

Believing in the great role of the youth of Nasser movement in the importance of making a room for intellectual and cognitive creativity, and the importance of documenting all field events, and out of keenness on reviving the historical legacy of the late leader Gamal Abdel Nasser in a modern and youthful spirit  , the official website of Nasser youth Movement  ( ) was launched in five languages (Arabic - English - French - Kiswahili - Spanish).  It is entrusted to be a global youth platform, documenting the works and events of Nasser movement everywhere, and monitoring their impact, as it also allows young people, influencers, leaders, researchers and thinkers from all over the world in various fields, to express their opinions and analysis, and share their scientific articles and their intellectual and literary contributions through a platform entitled "Articles and opinions" created within the "Global Citizen" section is always open to participation by sending works to be published via written e-mail:

Join Nasser Youth Movement 

It should be noted that the work of Nasser Youth Movement is not limited to this, but it can grow even more as long as it continues to work in accordance with the documents and references on which we are based in accordance with the development plans of the United Nations, the African Union and the Afro-Asian Peoples' Organization. Therefore, the door to join Nasser Youth Movement remains opened to all young people from all over the world who have a passion for change and believe in the principles of non-alignment and the importance of unity and solidarity for a world of peace and security. 

Young people who join Nasser Youth Movement also benefit from networking and working together with strong and influential global youth leaders from different countries to share experiences, expertise and cultures.

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