Nasser Fellow Meets with the Founder of Nasser Fellowship and Movement

Nasser Fellow Meets with the  Founder of Nasser Fellowship and Movement

The Nasser Youth Movement, a leading organization dedicated to empowering youth in the pursuit of peace and security, celebrated a significant milestone during the Continental Dialogue on Youth Peace and Security Agenda, held in Bujumbura, Burundi. The highlight of the event was a pivotal meeting between Cremilda Macuácua, Nasser Fellow (2023) from Mozambique and her esteemed leader and founder of Nasser Fellowship Mr. Hassan Ghazaly.

The Continental Dialogue served as a platform for fostering discussions on crucial issues surrounding youth, peace, and security. Nasser Youth Movement, under the visionary leadership of its founder, convened to delve into innovative strategies, collaborative efforts, and impactful initiatives that will shape the future of youth engagement in promoting global peace.

During the meeting, the young leaders engaged in constructive dialogues, sharing insights and experiences that have shaped their commitment to fostering peace and security. The founder, a revered figure within the organization, provided guidance and inspiration, emphasizing the importance of youth-led initiatives in building a more peaceful and prosperous continent.

The Continental Dialogue has been a momentous occasion for Nasser Youth Movement, providing us with an invaluable opportunity to reflect on our journey and envision the path forward," said Mr. Hassan Ghazaly. "Our meeting and presence in this event served as a catalyst for renewed commitment, innovation, and collaboration in advancing the youth peace and security agenda."

Nasser Youth Movement remains steadfast in its mission to empower young leaders, promote inclusivity, and address the challenges hindering peace and security globally. The organization looks forward to building on the momentum gained from this meeting.

Nasser Youth Movement is an inclusive global platform for youth to develop their skills and raise their efficiency and empower youth cadres in order to achieve development and make an active and influential "global citizen.