Nasser as a student 

Nasser as a student 

Amr Sabih- writes 

The opponents of Jamal Abdel Nasser and his revolution do not stop at pinning the blame on Nasser. Among those accusations comes the claim that Nasser was a failed student. Nasser's 1936 secretary school grades are compared with today's, as his opponents post fake grades on social media which they claim it belongs to Nasser. 

According to his era, Nasser was a A brilliant student. He entered the Faculty of Law, a decent degree at that time, from which many Egyptian pre-revolution leaders graduated, including, Mustafa Kamel, Mohamed Farid, Saad Zaghloul, Mustafa El Nahhas and others. 

In October 1936, Nasser joined the Faculty of Law for 6 months, before joining an exceptional batch at the military college in March 1937.

Currently, standards of success and grades highly differe from that of more than 8 decades ago. It differs from the time when Nasser received his secondary education degree in 1936. As an evidence for this, Gamal Abdel Nasser was able to join the Faculty of Law at Fouad I University (Cairo university now) which was one of the top universities to earn a law degree, a university from which leaders, ministers and nobility graduate. 

In 1936, when Nasser obtained the baccalaureate, the number of baccalaureate students in Egypt was 4000 students.

In Egypt, until the mid-sixties of the twentieth century, a student who obtained 65% in the scientific stream in secondary school could enroll in the faculties of medicine, engineering, and pharmacy. The holder of the same score in the literary stream of the secondary school could join the faculties of Al-Alsun, economics, political science, and the media. 

The total grades remained around this rate until President Anwar El-Sadat corrupted education with international schools, and private ones. President Hosni Mubarak followed the same approach as he expanded in establishing private universities and changing high school systems, which led to a comprehensive educational chaos in Egypt that we rarely see in another country. This led to the destruction of the Egyptian educational system, and the transformation of education into a commodity for those who are able to pay its high price.

We have seen, read and heard about students who score 99%, 100%, and 101%, yet cannot properly read nor write. 
They fail in their professional lives after graduation, as their scores are due to private lessons and the "indoctrination system." Their grades are a result of what their parents pay for the education not because of their intelligence and effort. 

Nasser was diligent in his studies. Due to the 1936 treaty, He joined the Military College in an exceptional batch after leaving the Faculty of Law. After graduating as an officer in the Egyptian army, he prepared for postgraduate studies, and obtained a master's degree for his thesis on the lines of defense for Egypt. Nasser also obtained a general staff course certificate, and worked as a teacher at the Military College for the subjects of history, intelligence and strategy.

Muhammad Ali Pasha, the founder of the Alawites and the source of the pride of Shamasharjis, was illiterate and received no education throughout his life. Despite that, he was a brilliant politician. King Farouk, the wailing wall of Shamsharejis, who mourn for his lost kingdom, did not complete his education at all.

For the Muslim Brotherhood, they aught to remember that Mohamed Morsi, El-Beltagy, El-Arian, Badie, El-Shater, and Ezzat and others were Doctors, engineers and university professors, yet had not much of a political intelligence. They could not keep power in their hands and was taken from them, easy and quickly. 

Gamal Abdel Nasser was right when he said:
The Americans and their agents will not forgive me for what I did to them, dead and alive.

The image belongs to the fabricated certificate which went viral on social media. Notice that science and mathematics appear within the certificate subjects, even though Gamal Abdel Nasser was studying in the literary stream!! In fact, the title of the fabricated certificate bears "the secondary school certificate", while the name of the certificate in 1936 was "the baccalaureate".