Talk of the Namibian president, Sam Nujoma, about Gamal Abdel Nasser

Talk of the Namibian president, Sam Nujoma, about Gamal Abdel Nasser

In July and September 1970, we lost two key figures in our history, whom I personally grieve for.
These two figured were the leader Hozia Kotaku, the father of our struggle for freedom and the president Gamal Abdel Nasser, the president of the United Arab Republic, and a close friend who was committed to our cause and able to support us in the outside world.

President Nasser had placed his trust in the SWAPO from an early stage.

I sent a telegram to the government of the United Arab Republic in which I said:
“The world has lost a great man and all those who fight for freedom and human dignity have lost a brother in the struggle. The people of Namibia share your grief over the tragic death of President Nasser."

I also participated in the funeral of President Abdel Nasser in Cairo, which was attended by a large number of international officials from all over the world.

Nasser has been an inspiring figure for all of us in Namibia since 1956 when he fought the British, French and Israelis after taking control over the Suez Canal.

When we read about the fighting in the newspapers in southwest Africa, we stood firmly advocating the Egyptian side.
The Suez War mobilized and united the Egyptian people. Moreover, North African leaders such as Nasser and others in Asia were a source of political inspiration for us in the colonial and occupied parts of Africa.
From the autobiography of Namibian leader Sam Nujoma, The first president of Namibia after independence in 1990.