The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a sponsor and supportive partner of the Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a sponsor and supportive partner of the Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the State apparatus responsible for establishing, developing, and strengthening Egyptian relations with the outside world and the regional/ international organizations and bodies. Proposing and implementing the State's foreign policy rests with the Ministry, in addition to maintaining peace and security in the State and protecting its interests, based on the provisions of the constitution, the law and the State’s general policy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is especially responsible for proposing and implementing foreign policy and overseeing the State’s foreign relations in political, economic, cultural areas and others. It also examines and analyzes the political situation of other countries and its immediate and future incidence on State policy and follows up/ evaluates its development in light of Egypt’s foreign policy.

The Ministry continues its effective activities with the Egyptian foreign political constituencies, at the bilateral and multilateral levels. This year has seen so far intensive efforts for consultation and coordination with Arab brothers to support cooperation in priority sectors as well as strengthening the mechanisms of joint Arab action in the face of various challenges in the region, perhaps the most prominent of which is support for the Palestinian cause and the brotherly Palestinian people. The Ministry firmly condemns the Israeli attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque and completely rejects any illegal practices aimed at undermining the inalienable and legitimate rights of the brotherly Palestinian people, especially the attacks that took place against the people of the "Sheikh Jarrah" Neighborhood, perceiving it as a violation of international humanitarian law.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also keen to support serious and active interaction with relevant human rights international partners and regional and international frameworks/ forums. The aim is to clarify the State’s national policies and positions on human rights issues, and to push for initiatives that express Egypt's national interests and are in accordance with the agenda and priorities of developing and African countries, on the international stage. The Ministry pays special attention to strengthening international solidarity in order to support the development process, in alignment with global development goals.

As for the Egyptian-Asian relations, the question of development is on top of the priority list of national policies in Egypt and Asia, internally and externally. Egypt in fact sees Asia as a considerable scope for enhancing civilizational and cultural communication. There is a significant cultural asset between Egypt and most Asian countries represented, as manifested by cultural agreements with a number of those countries.

Egypt and its Asian partners have also established new relations through economic cooperation. Asia is the 3rd trade partner of Egypt after Europe and the United States of America, and their cooperation is based on mutual benefit. The objective is to widen the scope of cooperation and move beyond government-to-government relationships to include the grassroots and all economic forces of society, especially businessmen.

It is important to note the Ministry’s special efforts geared towards Africa. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is keen to support all efforts for economic integration across the continent, as well as supporting and strengthening training and qualification/ youth exchange programs in order to enable them to co-lead and engage in decision-making, and to encourage them to participate in society and represent their countries externally. The political leadership believes in the strong connection between the future of Egypt and that of African countries.

As for the Egyptian-Latin American relations, they receive the State’s attention given the convergence of their history and similar endeavors to build two rising nations. Their relationships are deep rooted and go back to the time of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Egypt seeks to enhance brotherly and friendly ties between the Egyptian and Latin American peoples in the cultural, social, artistic, educational, tourism, economic and sports fields. It also aspires to develop friendly and fraternal ties between the youth of Egypt and various Latin American countries, and to encourage cooperation between women's organizations in both countries in the cultural, social and economic areas. This is done through promoting several initiatives and projects that the Ministry adopts and works on launching at the present time.