Model African Union

Model African Union

The idea of establishing the Model African Union was proposed since establishing the African Youth Bureau -that was an initiative at the time- in 2012, in collaboration between the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the International Awareness Club. The first activities of the Model were held at the Civic Education Center, in addition to the Model United Nations and the Model Arab League. The Model is the first African Union simulation activity in Egypt and is one of the activities of the African Awareness Programme, held in the Egyptian universities.

After interruption of the Model African Union, it was relaunched in cooperation with the Faculty of African Post Graduates Studies at Cairo University in February 2014. The first activity of the model was carried out with the participation of about 60 African expatriates and Egyptian students in order to develop the awareness of university students on the importance of the African continent to the Arab Republic of Egypt, to introduce young people to the important issues in Africa, and to promote the African identity within the Egyptian community.

In March 2015, the 2nd edition of the programme was launched with the participation of more than 120 African expatriates and Egyptian students in order to discuss the most important issues on the African scene. The 3rd edition of the programme was launched in November - December 2015 with the participation of African students enrolled in Egyptian universities in order to build bridges of communication between the Egyptian students and African expatriates, as well as to introduce them to Africa’s issues.

It should be noted that the Model will simulate one of the most important continental institutions in the world -the African Union - by applying its methodology, tools and policies on the ground.

Goals of Model African Union:

-Enhancing the concept of African Unity.

- Expanding African cultural content among African youth in an interactive way.

- Building bridges of communication between Africans - Egyptians and non-Egyptians - through actual communication and direct interaction between African youth , a matter that helps correct negative perceptions.

-Preparing well-trained African leaders and cadres with real knowledge of the decision-making process in the African Union.

- Outlining a clear strategy with the key aim of changing the mental image of Africa in its young people's minds.

- Training and honing students' negotiation and decision-making skills through workshops that address real issues tackled by the African Union institutions such as the African Peace and Security Council (PSC) and African regional integration organizations.

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