Historical symbolism of Nasser fellowship for international leadership

Historical symbolism of Nasser fellowship for international leadership

«Balance, justice, knowledge, wisdom, order, right» Ma'at.. a historical symbol of Nasser's fellowship for international leadership

The old Egyptian took from "Maat" the principles of his living, where he saw the system, balance, beginning, ending, purpose, and end, symbolized by a woman with two wings -- the secret of her balance -- and the balance of consistency of anything with the cosmic order, moreover, “Maat “ is the symbol of truth, justice, and integrity. The principles of Maat were the guide to living in society and were obedient to the King and the people.

 Maat embodied the cosmic regime that entrusted the idol "Ra" to the King and established him in the rule of the Earth. The King had to do this, do the ritual of presenting "The Maat", and all of those principles as well as "Maat sacrifice".

Maat was also associated with the idol "Thoth", the god of wisdom and knowledge, and was known as his wife, and she appeared with him in the heart weight scene of the deceased and on the Sun god's boat "Ra". Maat was associated with the King, who was responsible to the fathers for establishing order and justice, and for establishing the Maat in his perspective created by the fathers for the universe.

One of the paradoxes that led us to choose Maat’s wing as a slogan for Nasser's award to international leadership is the convergence of Maat rules with many principles and documents on which we believe and on which we seek to find mechanisms for their operationalization, including, but the most important, and comprehensive of which are stated in the laws of Maat :

1.I didn't forcibly rob others of their property.

2. I did not close my ears to hear the words of the right

3- I didn't get used to anyone

4.I did not cause harm to others' feelings.

5.I did not rape anyone's land.

6.I didn't terrorize anyone.

7.I did not threaten peace.

8. I have not released evil thoughts/words/actions

9- I did not snatch a bite from a child's mouth

10. I did not destroy  religious buildings (temples)

The goddess (Ma'at) shows the greatest manifestations of divine incarnation that personified truth and honesty, all of these came under one ancient Egyptian word  which is (Ma'at).

The Goddess who is called by this name,which has appeared since the second dynasty, is a feminine human picture since an early age putting on her head an (ostrich feather) and was married to the God (Thoth), God of wisdom and knowledge.

 The Goddess (Ma’at) is the daughter of the sun-god (Ra) who rules according to well-established principles of truth and justice decided by Namos in general, and we always see her standing at the front of the holy sun boat with Ra during his journey through the sky, hence we took her as the slogan of our fourth edition of Nasser Fellowship for international leadership.