Anniversary of Libya's independence

Anniversary of Libya's independence

 We congratulate the Libyan people on their day.

Today, December 24, is Libya's Independence Day, after a series of heroic battles by the Libyan people in order to liberate their land from the Italian colonialism, following the United Nations’s announcement of its decision to independence Libya, the Libyan constitution was declared on December 24, 1951, and King Muhammad  Idris Al-Senussi was chosen as a King of the United Kingdom of Libya with a federal system comprising three states (Tripoli, Barqa, and Fezzan).

On this day, President Al-Senussi announced from the balcony of Qasr Al-Manar, in the city of Bani Ghazi, to the Libyan people and the whole world that Libya has become a free, independent and sovereign state.

The Egyptian-Libyan relations are characterized by a special nature, in which the national security of the two countries is considered an integral part, in addition to the common borders, strong historical relations and supreme national interests between the two countries .

Egypt was one of the first countries to deal with Libya formally after its independence in the early fifties of the twentieth century, and the Libyan revolution was affected at its beginning in 1969 by the July revolution, and Libya sought unity with the Egyptian state by signing the Tripoli Charter in December 1969. 

When President Abdel Nasser arrived in Tripoli on December 25, 1969, on his first visit after the Libyan revolution, he was greeted with a mythical shape amid the chants and huge crowds of the loving Libyan people.

May allah grant safety and peace to Libya and its people.