Video| Chairman of the South Sudan Youth Union Congratulates Nasser International Youth Movement on the Fourth Anniversary of its Founding

Gola Boyoi Gola, Chairman of the Youth Union of the Republic of South Sudan, congratulated Nasser International Youth Movement on the fourth anniversary of its founding. This came on the sidelines of the first consultative conference for African youth, organized by the African Youth Union, in the Moroccan capital, Rabat, which coincided with the fourth anniversary of the establishment of Nasser Youth Movement, which also coincided with the celebrations of the free peoples, and their commemoration of the seventieth anniversary of the Glorious July Revolution.

In a related context, Gola Boyoi Gola extends his sincere greetings to the government and people of the Arab Republic of Egypt, on behalf of the people of the Republic of South Sudan, for its support and sponsorship for Nasser International Youth Movement, and such programs that work on rehabilitating and empowering young people. He also expressed much gratitude to the young leader Hassan Ghazaly, the founder and general coordinator of the movement for his 

 prominent and influential role he plays towards the youth of the continent in general, and his support for the youth of the Nile Valley in particular.

Gola Boyoi continued, referring to the role played by Nasser youth movement, in making real leaders, in an organic way, able to reach their countries among the ranks of developed countries, pointing out that many youth leaders are members of the movement, which were able to achieve a strong field impact in various fields as conflict resolution, peace and security, and others. Those leaders are now decision-makers and ministers in their countries, which conclusively proves the role he referred to in his speech, stressing that Africa is replete with many active young leaders who are doing their best to build their countries, and then their continent.

For his part, Hassan Ghazaly, founder of Nasser International Youth Movement, praised the strength of the youth diplomacy of the Republic of South Sudan, saying: “I witnessed first-hand the competence of the youth of the Republic of South Sudan, their broad culture and their ability to negotiate and manage dialogue in the many continental and international programs that it launched, including the First Cairo National Conference for South Sudanese Youth, April 2021, as part of the activities of the Nile Valley Unity Project...Future Visions.

Ghazaly concluded by pointing out that Nasser International Youth Movement comes as one of the mechanisms for activating the ambitions of Africa’s Agenda 2063, and the provisions and objectives of the African Youth Charter, which is a legal framework for youth empowerment, in line with the African Union’s roadmap to invest in youth, as a global platform for young people to develop their skills  Raising their efficiency and empowering youth cadres in order to achieve sustainable development.