The anniversary of the geography philosopher dr. Gamal Hemdan

The anniversary of the geography philosopher dr. Gamal Hemdan

Gamal Hemdan was born on February 4, 1928 in the village of Nai, Qaliubiya. He graduated from the Faculty of literature, Department of Geography and was appointed as a teacher assistant within it. He was sent on a scholarship to Britain, during which he obtained a doctorate in philosophy of geography in 1953, and the subject of his thesis on "the inhabitants of the delta, past and present".

Gamal Hemdan does not see in the science of geography that topical science which limited only to the boundaries of the site and the terrain, but rather it is a science that mixes different sciences, and that geography is the science that if you knew it you knew everything about the lifestyle in this place or in another, and he is the first one who launched the name of "political geography" in Egypt.

Gamal Hemdan said in his book "The Personality of Egypt", which is the best that has been written about Egypt, that it is natural that the core of geography is to recognize the personalities of the regions, and the regional personality is something greater than just the characteristics and distributions of the regions, but rather what makes the region unique from all regions. In order to discover the genius of the subjectivity that determines the inherent personality of the place, you must deepen and dive into the spirit of that place, and that method is what made Gamal Hemdan has a philosophical approach in geography special and distinct.
He used to see that there is a balanced relationship between man and nature in place and time, and this was shown in his books when he explained his balanced geographical view of the relationship between the Egyptian man, nature and the Nile, and how this relationship led to the formulation of Egyptian civilization on the material and spiritual sides.

His genius writings had a unique style, and he had a vision that precedes the era, as he studied the past, explained the present, and then predicted the future, which made his books remain modern no matter how long ago.
Gamal Hemdan predicted the dismantling of the Soviet Union and the breakdown of the Eastern Bloc will inevitably happen, and confirmed that after the fall of communism and the demise of the Soviet Union, the Islamic world will become the new candidate as an enemy of the West, as well as talked about the necessity of establishing a new capital in Egypt and the problem of population growth, as he proved by evidence that the current Jewish who claimed they belong to Palestine are not the Jewish of the children of Israel, but rather came from the Tatar Empire of the Khazars between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea and inhabited in Palestine and took over it

Gamal Hemdan left a great legacy for Egypt represented in 29 books, including the encyclopedia of "the personality of Egypt" and "The genius of the place". He also presented 79 research papers and and articles.