5th Episode, " Contributions of African Youth Leaders to Maintain Peace and Security in Africa"

The fifth episode of the Global Citizen Program, while hosting of the Minister of Youth and Sports of South Sudan, His Excellency Dr. Albino Paul, discusses the role of youth in the African Union initiative to silence the guns and preserve peace, highlighting innovative solutions for youth and flexibility in achieving development in their countries in line with Africa’s Agenda 2063, the Sustainable Development Goals and key challenges especially in the time of COVID-19.


At the beginning of the meeting, the Minister of Youth of South Sudan praised the Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership and the African Summer School 2063, and the efforts of the Egyptian state in building youth capacities, stating, “It is a good start. Egypt is making great efforts in youth capacity building programs, especially at the African level, following the footsteps of President Gamal Abdel Nasser.”


During the meeting, Dr. Albino spoke about the efforts of the State of South Sudan, "We are trying hard to establish 3 Olympic stadiums to engage the youth of South Sudan. South Sudanese athletes have a very promising future, especially in football and basketball."

On his career challenges, the South Sudanese youth minister added, “When you take a position, not all people will accept you, some want to oust you, yet I am keen on doing my best to serve my country and fight this corruption.”


The program’s guests include a number of decision-makers and youth leaders from different countries of the world and in various fields, with the aim of transmitting positive messages to the world’s youth from the heart of Cairo, as well as creating a link between youth and decision-makers, which contributes to preparing youth cadres capable of making tangible change on the ground.

Amira Sayed, a journalist with the Egyptian Gazette, moderates the program’s episodes, which is the first English-language newspaper in the Middle East. In addition to being Egypt’s representative in the World Youth Parliament for Water, she participated in covering many international events inside and outside Egypt.

It is noteworthy that the Global Citizen Program is the first live program that aims to support the concept of unity and global participation, as well as shed light on successful youth experience globally.