2nd Episode: "Climate action during the Corona pandemic"

2nd Episode: "Climate action during the Corona pandemic"

The second episode: "Climate action during the Corona pandemic"

Konstantinides: The world has had a chance to heal during the Corona pandemic.

The second episode of the Global Citizen program sheds light on climate action during the Corona pandemic alongside the celebration of the World Environment Day and the World Oceans Day. The episode hosted one of the most prominent international climate activists, Catherine Constantinides, to discuss many environmental issues.

In her speech, Catherine stressed that we need to exert more effort and talk to political leaders in various countries to reach solutions to climate change, noting that climate change is a human right, and all citizens need to understand what climate change is, what it does and what its effects are.

Catherine explained that climate change is considered man-made, as the process of industrialization that the world has gone through and the countries’ attempt to be greater than their neighboring countries, have contributed to climate change. Therefore, it is undeniable that the short period in which the Corona virus spread and stopped industrialization has provided the opportunity for the world to go through a stage of healing after the human effect has diminished.

The second episode of the Global Citizen Program witnessed a great interaction from the audience, as many questions and inquiries related to the topic of the episode were received, and they were answered.

Catherine advised young people to be brave enough if they had the opportunity to communicate with their leaders, to be realistic, to present to their leaders with the challenges that face them, and introduce innovative ideas and solutions.

The program’s episodes are moderated by Amira Sayed, a journalist of the Egyptian Gazette, which is the first English-language newspaper in the Middle East. In addition to being Egypt’s representative in the World Youth Parliament for Water, it also participated in covering many international events inside and outside Egypt.

It is noteworthy that the guest list of the Global Citizen Program includes a number of decision-makers and youth leaders from different countries of the world and in various fields, with the aim of transmitting positive messages to the world's youth to link the youth with the decision-makers.