3rd Episode "Afro-Asia Media in Face of Misinformation: Challenges and solutions"

3rd Episode "Afro-Asia Media in Face of Misinformation: Challenges and solutions"

The third episode of the "Global Citizen Talks" program sheds light on misinformation and key challenges, with a greater focus on ways to confront the pandemic of COVID-19. The meeting will host prominent TV presenters from Africa and Asia to exchange their experience, interests and suggestions. Ms. Shawn Osimbo, a prominent TV presenter in Kenya, talks about the challenges facing the media in Africa, especially in times of crisis and change. From Asia, Mr. Jules Goyang is the Broadcaster of the Philippine People's Television Network (PTV) - the main broadcasting station owned by the Government of the Philippines - and a member of the United Nations Youth Advisory Council. Mr. Jules, a young leader and entrepreneur, will also discuss the role of the media in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


Sean stated that as a woman the biggest challenge in her career journey was that men questioned her ability as a sports television broadcaster, but she invested in herself and gained the knowledge to be a successful reporter and sports broadcaster. Sean stressed that the media should pay attention to what they publish, find and verify the correct information before publishing it to the public.

Sean concluded her speech at the end of the meeting about her visit to Egypt last year and praised Egypt's organization of the African Nations Cup, expressing her great happiness for her visit to Egypt and her attendance of the African Nations Cup.

While in the Philippines and other countries in Asia, Jules explained that there has been equal representation of women and men in the media industry over the past few years. Jules sent a message to the audience of the program, saying that we must be wise when dealing with information on social media, and make sure that it is correct before sharing, liking or commenting on it by checking the source of that information.

Amira Sayed, a journalist with the Egyptian Gazette, moderates the program’s episodes, which is the first English-language newspaper in the Middle East. In addition to being Egypt’s representative in the World Youth Parliament for Water, she participated in covering many international events inside and outside Egypt.

It is noteworthy that the guest list of the Global Citizen Program includes a number of decision-makers and youth leaders from different countries of the world and in various fields, with the aim of transmitting positive messages to the world's youth to create a link between youth and decision-makers.