If it's not the farmers who represent strength in work and knowledge, we won't move forward, dear citizens

If it's not the farmers who represent strength in work and knowledge, we won't move forward, dear citizens

I thank you for this noble sentiment, and I thank all my fellow countrymen. At the same time, I consider this meeting a fortunate opportunity because you truly represent the leaders of opinion among the workers and intellectuals in the countryside.

If the farmers do not represent the strength in work and knowledge, we will not take a step forward. You should all realize that the results of your efforts will benefit the whole society. Each one of you should feel their social value in this country because this is the motivation for activity and the improvement of our social and economic conditions.

My brothers, you alone are responsible for this revolution; it is your revolution, and all its consequences will fall on you. Each one of us should consider the nation's interest because this is the way to elevate our economic and social status.

You all notice that colonization has taught us wrong theories that have led to the deterioration we are witnessing now. We are going through a transitional period, so we must unite and strengthen our determination to lay a solid foundation for a free and dignified life for us and our children.

It is the duty of each individual to guide their brother for the good of the nation. My brother Salah cannot guide every individual, so it is your collective responsibility to guide our farmers because their progress is our progress.

If any of you has any questions, we are fully prepared to answer them.

(They replied, saying: "We did not come seeking demands, but we came today to congratulate you on the arrival of Ramadan and invite you to visit Samannoud.")

The President:

We are from the countryside, and I know that most of your demands are related to schools and hospitals. But, my brothers, be aware that we are working towards fulfilling these objectives. In the coming October, we will open 350 schools, and in the following year, we will open 400 schools, and so on gradually. Anyone who thinks that all these requests will be fulfilled at once is mistaken; we will not deceive you as they did in the past.

(One of the delegation members added: "Mr. President, there is one point that if we work on it, it will improve our conditions and satisfy everyone. There is poor water distribution in some areas of the countryside.")

President Nasser:

This issue falls under the jurisdiction of engineers, and my office has received many of these complaints, all of which are under investigation.

(One of those present responded: "In the past, I collected funds amounting to 5,000 pounds to repair the Ziyadah Station town, and it's unfortunate that we are now searching for this amount without any trace of it.")

President Nasser:

Most municipalities in the country have budgets of around 80,000 pounds, and we find that in this council, the total salaries of employees amount to 75,000 pounds. Is it reasonable to expect reforms with only 5,000 pounds?! Destruction is easy, but construction is hard. It is your duty to increase your national production, which will benefit us all.


Speech by President Gamal Abdel Nasser to the Samannoud delegation during their visit on May 1, 1954.