By: Alphonse Nkubito

Egypt is a country located in the Northeast Africa, with the middle East, dates from the Pharaohs time, sit along the fertile Nile River Valley. With Cairo as the capital city. Like many other countries. Egypt is very well known for its delicious Egyptian cuisine, most sea resources come from the Mediterranean Sea. The Egyptian cuisine is one of the most ancient cuisines on earth.

Egyptian Falafel also known as Ful Wa Ta'ameya is made of fava beans and veggies blended, formed into balls or patties and deep-fried. Sometimes, the falafel patties are stuffed with purple spicy paste; these are referred to as Falafel Mahsheya. Modern chains and some younger cooks make tacky falafel stuffed with cream cheese earlier than frying.

Every guest can sample delectable cuisine that is as traditional and elegant as time itself thanks to Egypt's myriad food varieties. The culinary arts of Egypt and the inventive ways in which Egyptians of all times were able to produce their renowned cuisines will be revealed through a close examination of the country's cuisine. The major goal of this post is to highlight all the delicious meals that Egypt has to offer so that our customers can enjoy every sweet morsel of Egypt's renowned culinary heritage. Egypt is well-known not just for its historic buildings, vibrant culture, and luxurious resorts, but also for its delectable cuisine and other exquisite items. Every traveler who indulges in our delectable food will have the opportunity to journey back in time and space by more than four thousand years, experiencing the fusion of culinary traditions from all over the world into a single dish that is given to you at one of Egypt's countless restaurants.

Foul Mudammas/Medames

Foul Mudammas (Fava beans stew) is a slow-cooked fava bean stew is called foul medames. The majority of families in Egypt eat it for breakfast. You can eat foul medames mashed or in their full form. Cumin, lemon, oil, pepper, salt, parsley, onion, and butter are some of the most typical seasonings that are added to it. Egyptian’s restaurant chains that specialize in Foul Medames are many. Fries, fried cheese, falafel, and fried eggplant are common side dishes to be ordered with Foul Medames.

Cooked lentils, rice, macaroni, and chickpeas are combined with fried onions and a distinctive red sauce from Egypt to make the dish known as koshary, which is a favorite among locals. Usually, extra packs of spicy sauce and vinegar are included for the customer to add to their liking. Koshary has a unique twist that Alexandrians add it by using grilled liver! Similar to Foul Medames, Koshary can be purchased from street sellers as well as many large restaurant chains. A platter of meals like this is quite cheap. For about one and a half dollars, you can eat a substantial meal, occasionally with additional liver!

Tarb (Grilled Kofta)

The lovely fatty kind of "Kofta" is called "Tarb." Minced beef, onions, some minced fat, and spices are combined to make kofta. Tarb is kofta that has been wrapped in a coating of roasted lamb fat till it turns golden brown.
Restaurants serving only grilled meat products can be found all around Egypt. Tarb can be located there.
Along with rice, spaghetti, and desserts, these restaurants frequently serve grilled chicken, grilled meat, Kofta, Tarb, and other grilled meat products.


Green Molokhiya soup is created from the leafy green Molokhiya. Chicken, beef, or even rabbits can be used to make it. This soup has a significant amount of butter and garlic. Depending on the locale, molokhiya can be created in a variety of methods. it is known as "Shalwlaw" in upper Egypt and is served chilled. It is made differently in Aswan than it is anywhere else in Egypt because it is made with dried Molokhiya leaves, which gives it a darker hue and a distinct consistency. Wherever you choose to eat your molochiya, you will enjoy the nutrients that the broth, molochiya leaves, garlic, and tomatoes provide, which help to strengthen your immune system.


Kawaree also known as cow feet is the most desired dish in Egypt. Cow feet that have been well cleaned and boiled are used to make the dish kawaree. Kawaree soup is made with this gelatinous substance because of its consistency. There are different methods to serve kawaree, although elderly people typically prefer it to younger people. It is occasionally consumed with filled vine leaves or rice and tomato sauce ("Kawaree Fettah"). To satisfy every taste bud at once, you combine a tiny piece of kawaree with one packed vine leaf.

Traveling around Egypt brings you a glimpse to the most ancient and historic building in Cairo, Alexandria, Giza, Luxor, Memphis, Aswan and others ….. In addition to amazing experience over the cities, cruising the Nile River, Pyramids, old monuments, Museum and others, Egypt offers one of the best dishes of all times as we have seen from the names of different dishes. The Egyptian cuisine is one of the old cuisines in the world. So as you plan a visit to Cairo, Please take a moment to taste one of its food and you will be surprised.