Dr. Khalid Al-Anany

Dr. Khalid Al-Anany

Khalid Al-Anany was born in March 14, 1971 in Giza Governate, obtained a Bachelor’s degree in French Tourist Guidance from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels - Helwan University in 1992 and was appointed as a teaching assistant there, then he obtained a master’s degree in 1996, he also obtained a diploma in advanced studies in Egyptology in 1998 from “Paul Valery Montpellier 3 University” in France, and in 2001 El-Anany obtained a PhD in Egyptology from the same university.


Dr. Khalid Al-Anany has taught in both the "Joint Integrative Tourism" Master's Program in Helwan University and the Italian University of Palermo between 2007 and 2008, as well as in the joint master’s program “Preserving Economic Heritage” at Helwan University and Brandberg University of German Technology between 2013 and 2015. He also supervised and discussed several dissertations, and taught a master's course in Heritage Conservation and BTU Site Management, at the Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus in Germany, and also taught in the master's program "Integrated Course Relational Tourism and Regional Planning University of Palermo".


Dr. Khalid Al-Anany has held several positions, including:

1. Member of the Egyptian -Finnish project “EAIS” to develop a database of Egyptian antiquities during the period (2004-2005).

2. Honorary member of the Egyptian Society of Optometry since 2006.

3. Seven times visiting Professor - J. Paul Valerie Montpellier 3 - France during the period (2006-2013).

4. Scientific advisor in the national project to document the antiquities of ancient Egypt in the period (2005-2007).

5. Professor in the Department of Tourism Guidance, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Helwan University, since 2011.

6. Director of the Open Education Center from (2010 - 2012)

7. Head of the Tourism Guidance Department, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Helwan University, from (2011-2012).

8. Member of the Board of Directors of the “Egyptian Museum” in Cairo, Helwan, from (2011-2012).

9. Member of the Board of Directors of the “French Institute of Oriental Archeology” from (2011-2015).

10. Member of the Board of Directors of "IFAO" in Paris since 2011.

11. Associate scientific expert at the “French Institute of Oriental Archeology” in Cairo from (2012-2015), and a research associate at the same institute from (2002-2016).

12. Vice Dean of the College of Tourism and Hotels for Education and Student Affairs (2012-2013).

13. Member of the Egyptian "delegation" at the 18th course of the Executive Committee of the International Campaign for the Establishment of the Nubian Museum.

14. General supervisor of the "Egyptian Museum of Egyptian Civilization" project, from (2014-2016).

15. General supervisor of the “Egyptian Museum” in Tahrir between 2015 and 2016.

16. Member of three former French-Egyptian archaeological missions in Atfih, Egypt.

17. Member of the official Egyptian delegation to the Eleventh International Conference of Egyptologists in (Florence), Italy.

18. Member of the official Egyptian delegation to the Ninth International Conference of Egyptologists in Grenoble, France.

19. Member of the Scientific Committee of the first French "ENIM" Journal of Egyptology on the Internet.

20. Member of the scientific committee of the French magazine "Egypte".

21. Corresponding member of the German Archaeological Institute in (Berlin) since 2015.

22. Honorary member of the French Association of Egyptologists in France since 2016.


In March 2016, Dr. Khalid Al-Anany assumed the portfolio of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities in the government of Dr. Sherief Ismail and continued in the ministry in the government of Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, until a decision was issued on the 22nd of December 2019 assuming responsibility for the Ministry of Tourism after merging it with the Ministry of Antiquities. He is the first minister to hold both portfolios together since their separation in 1966, and he remained in his position until 2022.


Dr. Khalid Al-Anany has won several awards and honors, including:


• Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters – France (2015).

• Order of Merit - Poland (2020).

• Order of the Rising Sun - Japan (2021).