Dialogue: A way for solutions

Dialogue: A way for solutions

According to Hassan Ghazaly - The founder of Nasser Youth Movemnet

As a form of cultural rapprochement, our reception of the modern Egyptian year number (6264) coincides with Ethiopia’s celebration of (Inkotach) the Ethiopian New Year No. (2015), as it is known that Ethiopia uses a different calendar from the majority of the rest of the world, and the Ethiopian calendar is originally derived from the Egyptian Solar Calendar but it adds a leap day to all years without exception, which is another rapprochement between our good peoples.

The photo brings me together with my dear Ethiopian friend, Tezgerida Zwedo, the head of the Ethiopian Youth Federation, with whom I have a friendship of more than 8 years.

From the archive of photos, during our meeting on the sidelines of one of the consultative conferences for African youth leaders, I was a representative of the Arab Republic of Egypt as a continental expert on issues of youth movements and organizations.

Perhaps we, as youth diplomats, agreed that there was no way to reach solutions to our bilateral problems and our African issues except for us to have one discussion table, believing that dialogue is the most important means by which we can bring viewpoints closer and support and consolidate relations between peoples.

I believe in our strength and will as young people to make a bright history, and in our ability to manage any crisis and find solutions to it, if we get rid of arrogance, unilateralism and prejudicialness without a deep awareness of what things can lead to in the future, and that our future generations will bear.

Egypt and its people always believed in the concept of peace based on truth, without exaggeration or negligence.

Egypt is my village...Africa is my country