Ghazaly wins 2022 African Social Impact and Youth Development Award

Ghazaly wins 2022 African Social Impact and Youth Development Award

The young Egyptian leader Hassan Ali Ghazaly, a researcher at anthropological studies, an expert in youth policies and media, and an activist in the fields of youth and cultural diplomacy, received the African Award for Social Impact and Youth Development in the United Republic of Tanzania which is presented by Pan African Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (PALEDEC). Two of the most prominent youth leaders and alumnus of Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership, researcher Menna Yasser, and young activist Filion Henry, who are members of the International Nasser Youth Movement in Tanzania, received the award on behalf of Hassan. This comes during 7th Pan African Humanitarian & Investment Summit that commenced on Tuesday, November 8 in the presence of 350 leaders including a group of the leading businessmen, officials and representatives of community and youth organizations at the international level from about 42 countries around the world. It is under the auspices of Dr. Hussein Ali Mwinyi, President of Zanzibar Island and Mr. Danny Faure, former President of the Republic of Seychelles.

During his interview, Ghazaly expressed his great happiness at being chosen by the award committee as one of the most outstanding youth leaders with social and developmental influence in African youth circles. He considered this honor a good assignment that bears him a greater responsibility towards his youth peers on the continent. It is a culmination of the role of Egypt in the Africa throughout modern history since Egypt's 1952 revolution in addition to huge development projects that are being implemented between the two countries. One of which is Julius Nyerere Dam, which is recently being constructed by Egypt in Tanzania that confirms Egypt’s keenness on the development of African peoples without any harm. He also pointed out that the award may be considered a form of strengthening the Egyptian-Tanzanian bilateral relations. He stressed that he would complete his journey with more support and care and promised to work on mobilizing more youth leaders in order to develop and promote the continent based on the concept of social responsibility and belief in the youth energy and investment to reach a prosperous tomorrow. 

For a young man who did not exceed thirty-five years of age, Ghazaly has a brilliant career of more than thirteen years. He possess a singular and unique vision and vast experience full of challenges and deep social impact at the local and international levels. During his professional life, he founded several national, African and international projects and programs which are concerned with the development, empowerment of youth and enhancement of social responsibility towards their countries including Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership, the AfroMedia Initiative, Africa School 2063, The Unity of the Nile Valley: Future Visions, the African Union simulation model, Nasser International Youth Movement, and other paths of this young man who has a wide influence on African and international youth with the slogan of “Egypt is my village, Africa is my home.”

It should be noted that the African Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development Center PALEDEC is a non-governmental organization established in 2015 with the aim of working on the prosperity of the African continent through facilitating long-term relationships and strategic initiatives that would increase trade and investment opportunities. Over the course of seven years, he has been able to implement more than 41 projects in 21 African countries including Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Senegal, Liberia, and Cape Verde. He launched around seven economic summits that were hosted by Dubai, Dar es Salaam, Rabat and Abu Dhabi and attended by about 7,800 participants. Each of which aimed at discussing common African issues with the aim of providing a comprehensive, innovative and multi-dimensional approach such as social and economic development and sustainable development in Africa.

The Center also launches an annual award in several areas including entrepreneurship, women's empowerment, partnership building, youth development and social impact, economic development, and peacebuilding. So far, the award has been obtained by approximately 92 people including government leaders, businessmen, representatives of community and youth organizations, and investors from 45 countries inside and outside Africa.