Adel Gazzareen...Industrialists Lords, Egyptian Industrialization Witness

Adel Gazzareen...Industrialists Lords, Egyptian Industrialization Witness

Reviewed by: Wafaa El-houseiny

Translated by: Maryam Ayad 

Adel Gazzareen...Industrialists Lords, Egyptian Industrialization Witness

The pioneer of modern industrial engineers, the visual artist, the genius engineer, the father of Egyptian industrialization, the owner of 2 Egyptian Order of Merit medals, 3 Polish and Italian appreciation medals for his efforts and achievements, and the former manager of “El-Nasr Automotive Manufacturing Company”, Adel Gazzareen.

 “Gazzareen” was one of the founders of automotive manufacturing in Egypt. He became the head of The Egyptian Businessmen Association in 2007, and now he is an industrial consultant, a board member, as well as the head of many industrial giant enterprises, one of which is the Federation of Egyptian Industries in the period between (1984 1994) and as the last representative of the public sector in the federation. Gazzareen was also the chairman of the Chamber of Engineering Industries as well as “El-Nasr Automotive Manufacturing Company”. 


Doctor “Adel Gazzareen” was born on the 20th of March, 1926 in Alexandria. He graduated from King Farouk The First University, the Faculty of Engineering, Mechanics Department. As he was the first in his class, he was chosen to join a scholarship in Geneva in 1946. Later on, he acquired the Diploma of the Higher Institute of Technology from the University of Zuch, Germany in 1953. Later in 1953, he acquired a master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA, then a PhD in mechanical engineering. 


Gazzareen then went back to Egypt and started to work as an industrial supervisor in the administration of the Engineering Industry, with the minister of industry in 1956 Dr/ Azeez Sedky. Then, Gazzareen participated in founding “El-Nasr Automotive Manufacturing Company” in 1961, which was considered a national, urgent, serious mission. According to Gamal Abd-El Nasser's resolutions, a committee was formed, and included the most experienced industrial specialists, as well as members from The Free Officers movement, to prepare an invitation to be sent to all international companies to establish an Egyptian automotive manufacturing company. The project was assigned to Klueckner Hiboldt Deutz, and the Egyptian government signed a contract with it in February 1959. , President Gamal Abd-El Nasser issued presidential decree No.913 in 1960, which stipulated on establishment of El-Nasr Automotive Manufacturing Company, the first automotive manufacturing company in Egypt and the Arab world. The company aims at producing automobiles, lorries, and buses from scratch in Egypt, under the supervision of a committee that includes both, War and Industry ministries. 

When Gazzareen held the management of El Nasr company in 1968, he managed to double the profits of the company after it was suffering huge losses. Later in 1970, a bold headline on “Akher Sa’aa” magazine stated proudly that there was: “Movie and TV Stars Festival Celebrating Nasr 128 cars First batch Delivery Reserved in Freely Convertible Currencies in July, August, and September,” as an announcement of the delivery phase commencement for the first batch of El Nasr cars of 128 model. This launch was a victory for the Egyptian industry, and it was carried successfully as the President “Gamal Abd El-Nasser” wished. 

This success, half a century ago, made “El-Nasr Automotive Manufacturing Company” a well-known name among international automotive companies. However, even after decades of rejection and non-development, El-Nasr Automotive Manufacturing Company came back, after the cancellation of its liquidation in 2016.

Gazzareen was not only pioneering in the engineering industry, but he was also a leading figure in the field of visual arts. He was a member of the Egyptian Photographic Society, and the head of both the Egyptian Es-Seed Club Photography Group, and El-Rowad Photography Group. Photography was his favorite hidden talent, that he was practicing whenever he had a chance away from his busy, full schedule. This talent showed up in his childhood when his father gave him a camera, and then it grew significantly during his education in Switzerland, as he was taking some shots of nature. This talent was once more encouraged and sponsored by the Agfa-Gevaert company which wanted to buy his photos to use them in its advertising. Motivated by such an opportunity, Gazzareen participated in many Collective Art Exhibitions around the world, most importantly, “The Egyptian Cultural Week in Shanghai” at Shanghai International Center for Art in 2005, in addition to an exhibition titled, “Islamiat” in 2001 as a fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of Islam in South Korea. 



It's also worth mentioning the numerous individual exhibitions in Cairo and Alexandria, some of which are a special Exhibition in 1980, an exhibition at the Egyptian Center for International Cultural Cooperation in 1995, a Private Exhibition in 1997, an Exhibition in Mubarak’s Public Library in 1998, another Exhibition in Egyptian Opera House Music Library in 2007, and the last one was in Hanager Hall in May 2012. 


The camera was his companion along in his trips all over the world, by which he recorded all his moments, and all unique natural scenes, until his last breath in today’s morning. May Allah grant him peace and mercy, and grant his family patience.