About Us

What is the Nasser Youth Movement?
The Nasser Fellowship for African Leadership was not intended to be a mere training program without guaranteeing sustainability and ensuring that 
participants have benefited from the opportunity offered by this training.
As a result, the Nasser Youth Movement was launched as one of the outcomes of the Fellowship, in addition to other continental initiatives, which we 
will announce later on.
The Nasser Youth Movement is a tool for activating the African Youth Charter and the AU Agenda 2063: the 6th aspiration, in particular, stating “An 
Africa whose development is people driven, relying on the potential of African people, especially its women and youth, and caring for children”.
The Movement brings together young Africans to develop their capacities and achieve development in Africa in order for it to become a strong 
international actor, in accordance with the objectives of sustainable development 2030.
What are the goals of the Nasser Youth Movement?
Activate the African Union initiative "1 million young people by 2021" in the areas of education, employment, engagement and entrepreneurship.
Activate the results of the World Youth Forum as one of the most important international platforms to express the voice of young people.
Activate the African Union Head of states Resolutions considering African youth issues. 
Popularize Egypt's experience in building and consolidating national state institutions and define Egypt's role in supporting African unity.
Define the objectives of African Unity, as endorsed by AU Agenda 2063, and raise public awareness of the Agenda at the youth level.
Define the provisions of the African Youth Charter.
Exchange experiences in the field of youth at the continental level and popularize successful models taking into account local differences.
The Nasser Youth Movement is in how many countries?
It should be noted that the first batch of graduates of Nasser Leadership Fellowship, representing 28 African countries, have begun to create national 
chapters within the framework of the Nasser Youth Movement in their countries: in Zambia, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Congo 
Brazzaville, Malawi, Somalia and Nigeria. The rest of the graduates are working to implement the Nasser Youth Movement in their country, so as to 
achieve African integration at the youth level as a departure point.

What are the activities of Nasser Youth Movement and How to join? 
The Nasser Fellows are working on different areas which are Employment, Engagement, Education, Entrepreneurship which are the main areas of the 1 
million by 2021 initiative launched by the African Union, also they take the African Youth Charter and the African Agenda 2063 as a reference for their 
work that might vary from awareness campaigns about different topics as Pan Africanism, transformational leadership, gender equality, Social justice, 
economic independence, local industrialization, national institution building, shared history whether in Schools, Universities, community meetings…etc. 
Also, other chapters are performing through establishing capacity building programs for the youth. 
The work of Nasser Youth Movement is not only limited to that but it can grow more as long as it goes with the main references. The door for joining the 
Nasser youth movement is open to all African youth who have a passion for change and Pan Africanism whether residing in Africa or from the African 
Those who join the Nasser Youth Movement have the benefit of networking and working side by side with strong African Youth leaders from different 
countries to exchange experience and culture also get to join different capacity building programs in the different African countries.