Call for papers: AU ECHO 2023 Edition-"Acceleration of AfCFTA Implementation"

Call for papers: AU ECHO 2023 Edition-"Acceleration of AfCFTA Implementation"

Referencing Decisions of the AU as well as other documented pronouncements and actions by the African Union, and in line with the theme of the year, interested parties are hereby called upon to submit for the 2023 Edition of the AU Echo, incisive and evidence based articles on the potential and progress made in the various sectors as well as innovative initiatives that are being undertaken at institutional, country and continental level to promote trade, based on the AU’s decisions. Such articles should be based on the implementation of AU decisions, regarding trade and or its relevance to accelerating human capital and social development.

The following AU decisions, resolutions and policy documents and resources should serve as reference for the articles.

The Agreement Establishing The African Continental Free Trade Area

Compiled Annexes on the Establishment of the Continental Free Trade Area

3. A study on the opportunities in the AfCFTA for women in the Informal and Cross-Border Trade

4. AfCFTA Questions & Answers

5. Dispute Settlement Mechanisms for Trade Agreements

6. Training Module of Rules of Origin

7. AU Strategy for Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment 2018-2028

8. The African Women’s Decade Report (2010-2020)

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Submission Requirements & Deadline:

- Contributions will be accepted from institutions, organs and employees of the African Union, AU member states, African academic institutions, think tanks, civil society organisations and representative groups (e.g. women, youth), industry experts and the wider public. The editors reserve the right to reject papers they deem to be inconsistent with the guidelines outlined in this call for papers.

- Languages: Articles for publication may be submitted in English or French. Word count: Not more than 2000 words per article.

- Images: Pertinent Photographs and other illustrations that enhance the articles are welcome. These must be original to the author and/or under a creative common license. Authors must confirm their ownership of such illustrations and captions must be provided.

- All submissions must contain the full name and contact of the sender, his/her organization / job title (if applicable).

- Submissions will only be accepted through email which must be titled as given below and can only be submitted through the email accounts listed below for consideration.

- Title / subject of email: SUBMISSION – AU ECHO 2023- (INSERT TITLE OF ARTICLE)

- Receiving emails:

- Send all manuscripts and correspondence to


- Copying:

Submissions can be in English or French -2000 words per article.


Manuscripts must be received before or by 00 East African Time (GMT+3) on 2nd November 2022*

-Contributions will be accepted from institutions, African Union, member states, academia, think tanks, CSOs, industry experts and the wider public.